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Tips for application creators (I): Do not steal your name

Once you have the application built in  (the application development environment for Apple), the freelance developer can help you get the application in the corresponding store (iTunes for example). This requires the creation of an iTunes Connect account (about 70 Euros a year) and then fill in all the necessary information for the application – icons, descriptions, prices, etc.

Most of these steps are quite intuitive and the configuration should be done only once, so if you decide to develop another application later, you will already have an account to include it.

I Phone application development costs

Keep in mind android app development australia   that these costs may vary depending on which devices the App is going to be created. Make sure to ask your freelance developer if what you are developing is for – basic iPhone, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPad or all of the above. These are just some examples of typical development costs for different projects, which may serve as guidance:

Simple application between 700 – 3,000 €    you provide all the content, elegant media reviews   a clear address, and sample applications of what you want to develop. The additional costs will come when you want to add for example GPS locators, integration of social networks or email, several languages ​​or characteristic sounds.

Optimized content

The content that people can access through the App does not necessarily have to be the same as that of the website. Typically it is not. This is a key element to consider since an important challenge for the App is to be practical and useful, in order to stay installed on the Smartphone, so the content has to be optimized for the size and usage scenarios of a Smartphone. , avoiding doing too many other things that the user does not care about and that blur the interesting thing.

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Prestige and innovative image

The App is the novelty. They speak a young and innovative language that companies can take advantage of by having one, exhibiting a modern and innovative image.

Presence in the stores – Help to know our business

Our App will be seen by many more people in different application stores like iTunes, Google Play, etc. Only Apple and Google have millions of searches per day. This fact will make our company appear in organic searches made from mobile devices and like the previous point, it will also contribute to the image of the brand.