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How Does BitTorrent Work?

BitTorrent is the protocol that allows the fast downloading of the large files using very minimum Internet bandwidth. This costs nothing and does not include any spyware and pop-up advertising. Unlike many other download techniques, BitTorrent maximizes the transfer speed just by gathering the file pieces that you want as well as downloading the pieces simultaneously from the people who have them. The process makes very popular and large files, like television programs and videos, download faster than with other protocols.

Pirate Bay Proxy

Here, we are going to examine how the BitTorrent works & how it’s very different from some other file-distribution techniques. Additionally, you will learn using BitTorrent & what future may hold for the innovative approach of serving files over Internet.

Traditional Downloading

To know how BitTorrent works or why it is very different from different file-serving methods, let us check out what happens if you download the file from Pirate Bay website. This works something like:

  • First you open the Web page & click no the link to download the file on your computer.
  • Web browser program on your PC (client) tells server (central computer, which holds Web page & file you wish to download) transfer the copy of a file to your system.
  • Transfer will be handled by the protocol (set of rules), like FTP (or File Transfer Protocol) and HTTP (or HyperText Transfer Protocol).

Client-server process

Transfer speed will be affected by many variables, which includes the kind of protocol, amount of traffic at the server as well as number of computers downloading this file. Suppose the file is popular and large, demands on server are huge, and download is slow.

Next, we will look how P2P sharing differs from the process. The peer-to-peer sharing is quite different from the traditional file downloading. For this type of sharing, you can use the software program (instead Web browser) for locating the computers that have file that you want. As these are the ordinary computers just like yours, when opposed to the servers, they’re called peers. Process works like:

  • You will run P2P file-sharing software on your computer & send out the request for a file you would like to download.
  • To locate a file, software questions other computers connected to Internet & running this file-sharing software.
  • When software finds the computer, which has a file that you want on the hard drive, download starts.
  • Others using file-sharing software will get files that they want to have from your system’s hard drive.