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Are the MDF window boards resistant to moisture

The premium HDF is mostly used to manufacture the MDF window boards as they are moisture resistant. If you are interested to place the order then you can add the window boards directly to your cart. You can choose the options according to your choice when you place the order for window boards. The window boards which are available on our website are strictly recommended for internal use only. You can visit our website to select the window board of your choice.

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  • A final paint finish is always recommended on the undercoating finish.
  • The support team will offer the required guidance to the customers who are ready to place the order for the window boards.
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Optimal coverage on the boards:

The products will meet the expectations of the customers with the help of the undercoated or primed options. It is possible to apply a single layer of primer if you want to opt for the primed finish. You can proceed to apply the finish on the window board if the material is smooth and free from dust. The optimal coverage can always be ensured on the boards with different heights and different angles. The customers can proceed to select the options to meet the expectations of the finish.

Lifetime warranty for the products:

The recommendations should be followed by the customers carefully if they are ready to proceed with the final coat finish. You can decide to choose the finish of your choice if you are planning to complete the installation process. The experienced team will offer the best-finished products to meet the expectations of the clients. A lifetime warranty is offered for the products so the customers can always be confident about their purchase. The customers should follow the instructions carefully if they want to use the products for a prolonged period.