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Why buy moissanite engagement rings?

  1. It will save you money

Price plays a huge role in any large purchase we make in our life and engagement rings are no different.

You will be eligible to discover a moissanite engagement ring at a greatly cheaper price than diamond. A 1-carat diamond will likely cost you around $ 5,000, but a moissanite ring of the same size will cost around $ 1000.

  1. It shines brighter than diamonds

But the price isn’t the only advantage. Many moissanite surveys actually contend that they glow brighter when compared to diamonds and this has arisen to be real affordable moissanite engagement rings.

But first let’s discuss what gives rise to a ring sparkle. The brilliance of a stone is employed to characterize how well it evaluates white glow. The additional light it can reflect, the brighter it will shine. So who is higher on the refractive scale of brilliance: moissanite or diamond?

Diamonds came in at around 2.42 while moissanite hit 2.65. While this may not seem like a huge difference, rest assured that you will notice it in even the darkest of rooms.

  1. It is tough adequate to last

The enormous benefits of buying a diamond engagement band are that diamonds are very strong. Diamonds are strong enough to withstand wear and tear and will likely never chip or scratch.

Moissanite maintains this exact quality. Although they price barely low diamonds on the stiffness decree, they retain to be exhibited to overcome the same wear.

When you buy moissanite, you can be almost certain that it will remain as clean and unharmed as the day you bought it for the rest of your life.