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How to choose the right men’s belt

Many men downplay one of the most valuable accessories in men’s attire: the belt. Do you have a hard time choosing one when you look at belts? We know that choosing it is not an easy task and since we do not want you to make any mistakes, we teach you several tips that will help you choose the ideal belt that best suits your style.Click here for 명품쇼핑몰.

How to choose the right belt according to your style

Before we start giving you advice on how to choose your belt, we have to emphasize the importance it has for our look. The belt mainly brings us two benefits with:

  • Its practical function: it helps you hold the shirt (if you wear it inside) and keep the clothes in their proper place. Eye! The pants have to go well raised; no girl likes the “shitty” pants. Visit this site for 명품쇼핑몰.
  • Its aesthetic function: although it is not the accessory that you can wear the most, if you hit the belt, I assure you that it will substantially improve your final look.

Analyze and review your wardrobe mentally 

Before choosing colors and textures, visualize in your head what pants and shoes you have. Remember that the most important thing is that the belt is a complement that matches your looks.


The holes must always be odd

Have you ever noticed that most belts have a name of odd holes, usually five to be exact? It is no coincidence, that figure is purposely designed to free two holes on each side. In this way, the central hole is covered and aesthetically it is better.

Use the clips as a reference

The best thing you can do is choose the belt that best suits the clips of each pants in your closet. In the case of blue jeans, they may be thicker and in the case of suit pants, they will have to be thinner.

Do not measure the size of my waist before going shopping

The pre-purchase phase is the most important step of all. First you have to look at the internal label of your pants, so you will know what your waist size is. In the case that you do not find it or there is no label, measure yourself with a tape measure (specifically in the belly area above your waist) and to that result add 2cm to get your final belt size.

Do not take care of the size of the buckle 

Luckily, the belts with giant buckles have already gone out of fashion. Keep in mind the proportions, especially if you are looking for elegant and thin belts for your suits.