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All About Homejoy House Cleaning

Homejoy House Cleaningis a God sent miracle when it comes to cleaning the house. They do upthe house in such a great way and ensure you don’t have to set out in search of a maid. Finding a maid is a tough task in itself. Imagine training her and finalising a schedule to suit yours. Maids can be a pain. Hiring and firing them can be one’s worst nightmare. No wonder people choose to bank upon names like Homejoy House Cleaning for getting their houses cleaned. No longer will you have to spend time in disciplining your maid or taking her to task if she doesn’t come, let Homejoy House Cleaning worry about that.

Cleaning the house on your own is not something people like to do. It’sjust that they think they have no option as the maids of today are very expensive. Maids aren’t so easy to get. They charge an awful lot for small jobs and leave you high and dry at times when you need them the most. So, this is why going with Homejoy House Cleaning is a far better option.

So, what do they really do?

The Homejoy House Cleaning specialize in cleaning the kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms. When it comes to mopping the floors and washing the tiles, there could be no one better. The prices they charge are fairly affordable. Homejoy House Cleaning also offer laundry services and even iron clothes if required.

Why should I call them?

  • If you’re considering moving to another house or to another town,you should give them a call and they will help bring life to your home.They will make sure you get a good selling price for your home. Your house will shine.With this service, there will be no dirty corners in your home.
  • You will get more time on your hands. If you have kids or are busy with work usually, you will be able to enjoy life for a few hours and won’t have to worry about dusting the house and doing the laundry. Calling a maid from Homejoy House Cleaning will ensure that you have get to enjoy life.
  • If you have a party to host and cooking dinner for relatives, the last thing you want to worry about is who has to clean the house afterward. Everyone likes to visit a clean house. Don’t worry, with maids from Homejoy House Cleaning, you won’t have to worry about a thing. Just make an appointment a day before and they will have a feasible solution for the job.
  • If you need a maid on call, Homejoy House Cleaningcan do that too. All you have to do is give their helpline a buzz and in no time, a maid will be standing there at your doorstep to help you to clean up the house. One-off stints usually take much longer as they look forward to cleaning the house thoroughly in one go. Make sure you read through the contract properly before you make a signature anywhere.

Will I be charged a fortune for this?

For different services, the prices vary. A 12-dollar fee is nominal if the maid is regularly visiting your place. For weekly visits and fortnightly visits, the charges are different. The amount which you pay is half for the agency fee and half for paying the concerned maid.

If one requires a service for 2 hours or so, then the client should be ready to pay about 30 dollars for the same. The maid will invest a lot more time in cleaning the house and will do a thorough job. Even a one-off stint will have your maid spending a whole lot of time doing the work.

When it comes to maid services, the prices are competitive. Many companies tend to charge a lot more than what someone would charge for keeping your home neat and clean. These companies tend to even include charges for a bucket, vacuum cleaner and other items as well. No wonder most people choose to stick with Homejoy House Cleaning. They provide one with the very best service when it comes to at home cleaning.

If one doesn’t have time to put in for cleaning the house, then it would be better for you to earn some extra time for yourself. In that extra time, you could go out shopping, do some pending office or personal work. Having a maid from Homejoy House Cleaning come over, whenever you want will ensure that you enjoy life and have to worry about one thing less.