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How to Prepare For a CT Scan

As many of us are now aware, CT scans are used to diagnose and monitor medical conditions and diseases. So, how to prepare for a CT Scan? These procedures involve a patient sitting in a bed, lying on the floor, or on the table with their feet elevated for about thirty minutes. In order to prepare for your scan, there are specific areas that it’s important to know before you arrive at the hospital or clinic.

What is a CT (computed tomography) scan?

A CT or computed tomography image is an image of body part taken with x-ray equipment and computer technology. The scanning machinery uses x-rays in order to create digital pictures from inside out instead of taking multiple pictures from different angles as done by traditional panoramic radiographs. A CT scan uses x-rays, which are essentially invisible, to produce a cross-sectional image of the body. As a result of this advanced technology, the organ and bone structures in the body can be seen perfectly.

What is a CT scan used for?

CT scanning is used to diagnose and monitor diseases such as cancer, brain tumors and other medical conditions. Medical specialists use it as well during surgery to show exactly what they are removing or what a new implant will look like when implanted in the body. This very important information is vital for treatment choices. It is also used by radiologists as an aid in making diagnoses using computer aided imaging (CAT scanning). CT scans are also used to monitor the progress of disease while it is being treated, such as cancer.

Types of CT Scans - Health Images

Who may have to have a CT scan?

If you have ever had any medical problem, such as cancer, stroke, or heart attack; or if you are at risk for one of these problems, you might need to have a CT scan. If your doctor has ordered a CT scan for you, then it is important that you follow his/her directions in preparing for your scan. The doctor will tell you if you need special preparation to have a good scan.

What causes having to have a CT scan?

Needing a CT scan may be due to many medical conditions including cancer, cardiovascular disease, neurological disorders and head injuries. The doctors will order the scans if they suspect that there is something wrong with one of your brain or nervous system. They are also ordered as part of your care plan in treating some cancers including lymphoma, leukemia and lung cancer among others. It may also be performed after an accident or trauma has happened to the patient. It is used by the doctors to evaluate and look at how much damage has been done.