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What are the qualities required for a good military officer? 

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learning Military history

  1. Fighting is boisterous and is a significant wellspring of stress for both enrolled and authorized troopers the same. Be that as it may, officials must be particularly fit for holding a composed attitude under these conditions and utilize a lot of self-control notwithstanding peril.
  1. With lives on the line, officials might be confronted with a choice that could mean critical for him or his subordinates in a minute notice. In these cases, the Army anticipates that its officials should have the certainty to settle on a decent choice in adaptable and frequently evolving conditions.
  1. The Army anticipates that its officials should be intellectually fit, yet truly also. Military movement frequently puts a lot of both physical and mental weight on warriors, and the Army anticipates that its officials should be genuinely fit enough to conquer any sluggishness or depletion.
  1. While officials outclass the entirety of their enrolled partners and hence hold legal authority over them, the Army anticipates that pioneers should regard their subordinates and to guarantee their prosperity. As pioneers, officials will end up in charge of gatherings of warriors going in number from 10 to more than 40,000.

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