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Political history of South Korea

As we all know, South Korea is one of the most important Nations which cannot be ignored from the world politics. It is also to be noted that South Korea tends to have its own interesting political history which tend to have many interesting ups and downs. South Korea is a constitutional republic country which tends to have Presidential system. To reveal the fact the actual political history of this nation was started by the year 1948. Syngman Rhee was the President of the nation’s first republic. Right from the start after the division of South and North Korea, their issues kept on increasing. And even today both these countries were not in good terms. And they also have a strong military force to protect the country from each other. The problem between these two countries was widely noticed in the world politics.

Sixth republic

The sixth republic of South Korea stated in 1987. And this is considered to be the constant and permanent policy of South Korea which is followed till today. The first direct presidential election was started in this year and Roh Tae-woo were elected as the 13th president of this nation.

He has always initiated more effort to tackle the nation’s issue with its neighboring country North Korea.

The most interesting part is Hong-Sook-ja, the first female candidate of the President election withdrew her nomination in order to backup Roh Tae-Woo. After winning the election Hong revised several rules and regulations. He also implemented many policies in order to ensure the nation’s protection in several means. During his period, the Korean products had a great demand in the International market and their commodity prices were also kept on increasing.

Moon Jae-in

Later many Presidents have ruled the nation. Even though the presidents changed from period to period, there was no improvement in the relationship with North Korea. To reveal the fast, the situation became harder after each and every rule. Later in the year 2017 Moon Jae-in became the President of Korea with greater majority. The outbreak of Corona virus was considered to be the most challenging issue in his Presidential period. Even though in many social media pages, The president was blamed for his incapability to control Corona virus in South Korea, an opinion poll says that more than 53% of the citizens have agreed that the President have taken the most effective steps to control the virus. Many magazines have also stated that South Korea handled the Covid situation in the most effective way by preventing greater risks. Apart from these, there was also Moon jae in approval rating wide around the online sources. People who want to check out this approval rating can refer the most trustable source in the online market. The website which tend to have the most updated information can be referred.