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Making Your Home Beautiful WithLvpFlooring In Oklahoma CityOk 

Solid hardwood flooring is highly appreciated because it adds warmth, character and value to any home or room. The Lvp flooring in Oklahoma City ok planks are actually made out of solid wood using single piece of hardwood, whether it is walnut, cherry or oak. The thickness of these flooring options is usually .75 inches and they are the top choice for homeowners who want to refinish the flooring occasionally using sand. It adds elegance to any ambiance and it can help make your rooms look rustic, roomy, beautiful and homey. The solid hardwood floors are actually considered best for bedroom, living rooms, dining rooms, and hallways. However, installing hardwood floors in highly humid areas like kitchen and basement is restricted as it demands for additional maintenance and may wear out quickly. If you are planning to install Lvp flooring in Oklahoma City ok, then check the below information.

Prefinished Lvp flooring

The prefinished solid hardwood floors are the best option for every home. This is the type of flooring planks that are finished by professionals prior to installation. This is the process to simplify the installation and minimize the finishing steps at the end. Both expenses and labour cost are reduced if you prefer to install prefinished Solid Hard Flooring. The unfinished solid hardwood flooring is quite complicated as the sanding and the finishing process would take place later after the installation and this may add up to the complete cost.

Wide Range Flooring Options in Solid Hardwood

Today you have a wide variety of specie options to choose from when you plan to install Lvp flooring in Oklahoma City ok for your home. Some of the most common options include red oak, walnut, oak, cherry and bamboo. Prior to making the selection, it is necessary that you check the hardness rating scale so that you come to know the harder specie option that is right for your hardwood flooring. The hardwood floor for bedroom usually has minimum traffic and hence for such locations softer hardness would go well in such situation.