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Optimum relaxation in Sims 4 island living

 Sims 4 mobile game was released back in 2014 by Maxis and EA. Since then, there have been continuous updates of Sims 4 expansion and packs. Each pack is designed with unique and excellent story feature such as Strangeville and Vampire system. Even though, the recent release of Sims 4 android was not about someone but is about island living, based on people and their place.

The sacred Susani Island

With the latest expansion packs, the players are taken to the Susani Sacred Island. This island features the terrain and volcano that are ready to blow within a twinkle of an eye. The island also includes the mystical creatures like mermaids. Susani Island offers an exceptional texture with conservative Sims-type lifestyle. Finally, the island living ends the Conservative Sims flats. Susani also features the in-built landscape, rolling hills, and sloped paths that head directly to the beautiful beach.

Susani the ultimate city escape

This expansion offers an experience that cannot be found on most upgrades of Sims G game. This game has too much concentrate on providing the gamers with the final tropical gateway that they should have. This expansion is preserved for a player who feels like indulging in fantasy game experience.

 Maxis, one of the developer, has exerted more effort in making an ultimate tropical gateway with the intriguing narrative inhabitant. The DLC is more impacted by unpredictable weather and the local villagers who love their tradition than anything else. Additionally, the Sims can also clear up the pollution that made across the island.

the sims 4 mobilePlayers can create Mermaid family

Evolving with mermaids comes in two ways. The game can develop Sims mermaid from nothing, or either they can buy mystical kelp and transform it later into an ancient ocean creature.  Moreover, gamers can create a new mermaid family if they wish. The players can just be limited to what they can create.

If Sultani Island is inflicted with the frequent thunderstorm, the mermaids can freely walk on the island without any harm and also eat hot dogs while it’s raining. Also, the mermaids are developed with a mysterious power. They can either make someone gloomy or flirty.


 Since they are among the mythical creatures, they can also help dolphins after interacting for about two days.  Maxis and EA have developed a calming and relaxing version of the sims 4 android game. And probably its’ the reason why is welcomed by everyone worldwide.