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Best Lactation Cookies in Singapore!

Breastfeeding cookies are biscuits containing galactagogues, which appear to be substances associated with increased milk production. It’s also high in nutrients that will keep new moms nourished. Nursing mothers frequently use Singapore Lactation Cookies to aid in the production of breast milk. Lactating biscuits can help mothers preserve their milk production for their infants while also increasing breast milk flow. Their lactating biscuits are packed with nutrients and made with galactagogues, which have historically been enough to boost lactation.

More about these Cookies:

Some mothers are fortunate enough to be able to produce milk to nourish their precious newborns, but others may have difficulties producing milk while breastfeeding. The company understands the anxiety and stress that these mothers feel when their supply of breast milk is insufficient. These mothers are remembered through their carefully baked cookies. They’ll be there for you every step of the way during your nursing career.

How much to consume?

They recommend eating seven to eight cookies in the morning, along with a cup of milk or any other liquid, such as juice or tea. They also recommend eating five biscuits per day for maintenance. Because there are no stabilizers in the cookies, they should be consumed within 7-10 days. The biscuits can be kept in the fridge for three weeks or at room temperature.


Their nursing cookies are handcrafted with love and nutrients, even though both are healthy and aid in the increase and maintenance of milk production. This is perfect for all nursing mothers. Please do not be alarmed if you are not a nursing mother. Their biscuits are delectable and suitable for people of all ages.