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Why bit coin is an unavoidable asset class?

The financial market of the entire world is facing the effects of the trade war of two important nations. China and America are imposingtax on the opponent good’s imports into their country. This is making the world tradereactions more tensed. In this situation, people love to buy gold or a similar asset which will help to face these uncertain events. But why not think out of the box in this situation? Just watch the bitcoin price now and you will find it to be stable. You can buy a digital currency that is reliable and has a stable return evenafter a financial crisis. Bit coin will serve this purpose without any hassles.

How it works?

Bit coin is a crypto currency and hence there is no issuing authority for the bit coins. You can transact the bitcoin with the help of peer to peer transactions without the presence of a third party. But a common ledger can serve as an indirect authority in controlling transactions. The bitcoin price is now above $10000 and sometimes it could reach around $13000 because of the volatile market situations.

bitcoin price

The bit coin is stable because it is controlled by a network with the help of block chain technology. This offers a private transactions capability but at the same time the buyer is assured of safe and secure purchase without any fraudulent risk. So a great infrastructure is build in order to carry out bit coin transactions. This digital currency can serve as an alternate to other physical asset class like gold.